Classes, Private Lessons

Live streaming Yoga Classes!

Given times are in Central European time


Tuesdays at 19-20 General Class

For everyone with some basic knowledge of yoga asanas.


Sundays at 18-19 General Plus Class (Intermediate)

Active class for you who have already a bit more experience from yoga and want to look deeper and understand the practice better.


Price per lesson and per person is 20fr in Switzerland.  If you participate from another country, please ask the prices.


Lessons will be given by using Zoom. Welcome!

Yoga in English (Zürich)

Strong and precise yoga style, based on Iyengar yoga, with elements from Hatha-yoga. Every class is different. Sometimes we move a lot, sometimes it is time to take it easy. Basic knowledge of yoga asanas and medium condition would be helpful but enthusiasm and intention are more important!


Please sign up to the class before coming by writing Liisa a short email  ( 


Address:Yoga Nation, Seefeldstrasse 7a, Zürich



Notice: There's no studio classes at the moment because of the corona virus situation. You are welcome to take part of the live streaming yoga classes (look above)



ZHdK -Classes for the Music Academy students

in TONI-Areal 



Meditation-pranayama-asana -Advanced Sunday classes

Monthly 120min meditation-pranayama-asana - class in Yoga Nation studio, Zürich. For any student with good basic knowledge of classic asanas and interest to meditation and pranayama.


Next class will be announced here.



Please sign up always a week before! It is possible to join in with short notice, if there's space. Class is organised only, if there are enough students.






 For all the class cancellations and changes, see "News"

Yoga and mindfulness for children

Yoga for children between the ages of 5 and 11 according to the YogaBeez -method. It provides children physical and mental experience by incorporating the core values of yoga and the Montessori Teaching Method. YogaBeez is built on the foundation of respect for the child as an individual, creative being. Emphasis is placed on educating, empowering and exercising the whole child. 


The classes can be also organised privately for the enthusiastic group of children!

Yoga just for You! Private lessons for individuals and groups

LumoYoga's speciality, the flexible private class, either one-to-one or shared with a few others, is a fun and motivating way to study yoga with your friends or colleagues, especially if you work unconventional hours, have an irregular work schedule, or if you simply want more individual attention in order to learn better, or to concentrate on some particular issue.


Study yoga in an intimate atmosphere and enjoy the classes which are planned and taught according to your individual needs and wishes, accommodating your level as yoga originally was taught. If studying privately, it is possible to choose between physically more intense, anatomical detailed yoga classes, or a gentler and slower approach. Meditation and Pranayama (breathing practices) can be included.


All levels and ages are welcome, no previous experience of yoga is necessary. 




Flexible lessons and workshops can be taught in the Yoga Nation studio in Zürich, or in Helsinki, Finland, at your home, in your office, or other agreed location.