Yoga, nature, relaxing and learning!

July 13-20, 2020

Yoga and beautiful Baltic Sea! Get inspired and charge your batteries in an intensive yoga-meditation-pranayama -retreat on a small island of Pettu, in the clean and quiet archipelago of southwest Finland.

Our days will start in silence with meditation/visualisations and pranayama (breathing), followed by an asana class, in strong and precise Iyengar and more simple Hatha -styles (2,5h total). After the morning class, there will be brunch and free time. Before the dinner, there is another asana class (1,5h). An old traditional, wood-heated sauna by the sea will be heated every second evening. There is a kayak, canoe and rowing boats in our use. 


The level of yoga will be adjusted to the level of majority of the group but everyone will deepen their level of current practice. It is a great chance to get your body and mind cleansed from toxins, restore your energy, learn about yourself and create a yoga routine for home. It is recommended to have basic knowledge of the asanas but your enthusiastic attitude, open mind and moderately good condition are the most important thing. If in doubt, please ask! Group will be small to enable personal guidance whenever possible and needed.


In your free time, you can explore the beautiful island, go for a swim or take a canoe trip, or just enjoy the fact that once you don't need to do anything. I recommend you to leave your work and laptops at home, if possible, and enjoy the nature and silence.


Our course location is the Art Nouveau -style Villa Solhaga, on the island of Pettu, southwest Finland. It is a yoga minded guest house with ecological values. Our hosts take care of us with mainly organic food and many home grown vegetable. Meals will be vegetarian/vegan (mainly in macrobiotic style), special diets can be taken care of. Villa Solhaga has a beautiful modern wooden yoga room with big windows to the nature. In good weather, we might have some lessons outside in a pier. Rooms are for two to three persons, with limited possibility for small one person -rooms. 


The island of Pettu is 160km from Helsinki. The nearest train/main bus station is in Salo, 50km from Pettu (the trip by bus from the airport or Helsinki takes 1h 20min). From Salo to Pettu, we travel together by a taxi /minibus.


Course and accommodation fees Summer 2020 price will be announced later in 2019. Please write to Liisa, if you want to know details earlier.

The course fee will be paid in two instalments, and it is not including the trip and insurances. You need to bring your own yoga mat, 1-2 blocks (preferably 7cm high) and a yoga belt (not a gymnastic belt!).


Sign up to the course and secure your place by writing to Liisa and paying 150fr/150€ non-refundable deposit.

Contact  :


Course will be organised if there are min. 8 participants! 


A Short Yoga Retreat in the island of Pettu- to brush up your practice!

July 13-17, 2020  (July 17-20) Archipelago of Southwest Finland

A slight shorter option of the retreat described above for you, who can not participate for the whole week. July 13-17 is a perfect brush up course for your yoga skills, and a chance to have an introductory for the world of meditation, pranayama and principals of yoga philosophy. For the deeper learning, the whole week is recommended but this is a good start!


If you would prefer to participate only for the weekend, July 17-20,  please ask what is the situation, if there would be any places available. Those participating for the whole week has the priority. Please notice that this option is open only for those who are already practising yoga and familiar the basic aspects of it.

Course and accommodation fees


Will be announced later in 2019 




Yoga in the Wilderness ,  June 11-18, 2020

Yoga in Lapland (Finland) and by the Arctic Ocean (Norway)

A truly unique yoga retreat for the nature loving yogis! Yoga, pranayama and meditation surrounded by the wilderness. In the first part of the course we will stay in Inari 300km above the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland by the beautiful wilderness lake. We have two daily long yoga classes and in your free time you can explore the surrounding nature. For the last two nights we will move even more north, to the Arctic Ocean in Norway. There we will stay directly by the ocean in a tiny fishing village by the Varanger fjord, which is famous from it's birdlife. 


This is a course for yoga enthusiastic and the true nature lovers, people with a flexible mind, who embrace the wild nature and long walks and don't mind sometimes a bit harsh conditions and changing plans and schedules. For a small group of  max.7 participants only! The accommodation is basic but very cozy and clean, in 1-2 persons rooms in homely cottages in a real Northern style.


During the course, there will be plenty of yoga, (iyengar and hatha styles), meditation and pranayama  (breathing practice), home-cooked vegetarian meals, and of course a unique chance to enjoy the arctic nature, silence and white nights. We will stay by the beautiful Lake Muddus and will have canoes and rowing boats in our use. One afternoon we will make a day hike to the close by Otsamotunturi fell to admire the view over the lakes and wilderness, and of course you have a change to try out the sauna by the beach.


For the two last nights, we travel by minibus to 300km more north to the amazingly beautiful Arctic Ocean, Varanger area in Norway,  famous of its' birdlife and beautiful nature. We will heat the sauna by the beach and you have a chance to swim in the ocean! 



The level of yoga classes will be adjusted to the general level of the group. Yoga style is a mixture of precise and strong Iyengar yoga and more simple but effective hatha yoga, guided by Liisa with her fifteen years of teaching experience and nine years of experience from organising retreats and courses. Some yoga philosophy and tradition are integrated in every lesson. All levels, also beginners, are welcome but the basic knowledge of yoga asanas is recommended, as well as moderate condition. Lessons can be (moderate)strong but always calm because we study and stay in asanas longer time than in many other yoga style. This helps you to experience the pose and learn to know your body and yourself better, leading to better body awareness and more calm mind. We will study correct alignments and anatomically good way of practising asanas and pranayama. Mornings will start in silence with meditation and visualisation. Enthusiasm, willing to learn and experience and open mind are the most important things. Everyone will benefit from the lessons. The biggest lesson will be to learn to enjoy and respect the silence and beauty of the untouched nature and allow yourself to slow down and observe it all. It's not always about running from place to place but to see things on your way and stop admiring the small things, noticing the moment. Being in the nature gives us many opportunities to practise this.


In those days when we don't travel or go for long hikes, there will be two yoga classes:  a long yoga/meditation/pranayama -class in the morning (about 2,5h) and another yoga class before the dinner (1,5h). There will be only one class in the travel days, as well as if the group decides to have a free evening after a day hikes.


Our places to stay

In Lapland, Finland we will stay in Inari in the nature, in a small, remote holiday centre by the lake with two traditional wooden cottages in our use (1-2 person/room or loft).  It is not a high season so we are not expecting many other people staying there at the same time.  

In Norway we will stay in a tiny fishing village Kongsfjord by the sea. We will have there morning yoga classes in our house. Depends the weather and the preference of the group, we will either have a free afternoon to wander around the beautiful cape and village, or will have another yoga class. We will enjoy beautiful vegetarian/vegan meals.


How to get there? The closest airport is Ivalo (Finland). There is only one flight in a day arriving from Helsinki so we all will travel together further. More about that later when you are signing in. Of course, it is possible to travel by own car as well , or by bus from Rovaniemi. 


Price and final details 

Price for the summer 2020 will be announced later in 2019. If you need information before that, please write to liisa(at)

Course and accommodation fees will be paid separately. 

 Not including in the price : flights to Ivalo, insurances (recommended) and linen in Inari. You can rent the linen (incl. towels) in Inari (10€) or bring your own. If the group decides to visit in museum etc, entrance fees and possible transportation to those places are not included but can be organised. 


Registration :  You can secure your place by paying non-refundable deposit of 150€ (incl. to the retreat fee). Ask banking details.  Notice that the flight prices are strongly increasing in the spring, so don't leave it to the last moment!


The course will be organised, if there are min. 6 participants. If there are 5 participants and everyone agrees, the course can be anyway organised with a slight higher price.


If you haven't been coming to Liisa's classes, please write to Liisa and tell a bit about yourself (liisa(at)

Yoga for Musicians' workshop, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

Next "Yoga for Musicians" -workshops for the students of Sibelius Academy, will take place in Helsinki October-November, 2020. Please sign up early to secure your place!

Other Workshops and Courses

Short workshops with special themes can be organised on request even for small groups. 

Tailored to your group in your city or elsewhere. Create your own weekend of well-being with a group of friends. Take a crash course in yoga for beginners, or go deeper into your practice.


Workshops for musicians

Concentrating on the particular needs of musicians and body awarness.

Learning easy but effective stretches and exercises for every day use, especially designed for the use of musicians.  On request.