Yoga-Mindfulness/Meditation-Pranayama Retreat in a beautiful old mansion in Bromarv, in the archipelago of southwestern Finland

Yoga Retreat in southwest Finland         10-14.7.2023 (9-14.7)


One of the themes and purposes of this retreat is to learn about ourselves and cultivate the conscious awareness. This means that we will also study asanas carefully, not just "do something somehow". The classes are based on Iyengar yoga principles with careful alignment of the individual body, as well as more simple hatha yoga style. During my 20 years of teaching, I have developed an intuitive feeling of the group and its' needs, as well as designed my own yoga based exercises. Every class is different, depending on the energy and level of the group and there will be something for everyone. We will start with easy going classes but there will be strong and calm Iyengar style classes, more flowing classes as well as (semi)restorative classes. Yoga system, how to deal with our body, mind and energy, will be integrated in the lessons and we might talk a bit about other aspects of the yoga philosophy as well.


The retreat is open for all levels but the basic knowledge of asanas and moderate condition would be helpful. The retreat is for 6-8 persons only to ensure the private attention to everyone so sign up soon!



Days will start at 08.30am with a light and small breakfast which we enjoy in silence.

At 09.00am we start the morning class with meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises), followed by the asanas, all together 2-2,5h.

Afterwards there will be brunch and free time to explore the island's nature or rest.

Before the dinner (around 18.00-19.00am, as we agree!) we have and afternoon class1,5- 2h.


The retreat is starting on Monday July 10, at 15.00 and finishing in the early afternoon on July 14 (exact times will be known later). Please notice that there's a highly recommended possibility to arrive already a day before on July 9. If more participants will arrive then, a short class/meditation might be organised in the evening. 



Some evenings the wood fired sauna will be heated for us. Not far from the house, there's a gorgeous, long sand beach and one of the days we could organise a trip there. In a good weather we could even have a class there! There are paths and dirt roads to explore individually, and the small village (with public beach) is 3km away from the mansion. In the mansion, there are many animals (sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cats, chickens) and a beautiful garden to sit, as well as a small summer cafe.



Full board in the beautifully restored mansion of Kansjerf (Kulttuuritila Kansjerf).  The building exudes history and the atmosphere of the past, combined with modern comforts, and it is designed to be a place where creativity, well-being and peace of mind come first. Each room is individually designed and decorated to meet the needs of the modern traveler. The rooms are for 2 persons, unless there is space available for an individual room. There are two shared bathrooms. 


Vegetarian meals are created by the fine dining chef. Meals are based on the Nordic ingredients and pure flavours. There will be breakfast (light), lunch/brunch and dinner. Diets are possible with request.


Notice: Kansjerf is a traditional farm with many domestic animals. Therefore, the rooms are not suitable for people allergic to animals, as it can't be guaranteed that they are fully allergy free.


Kansjerf's web site is only in Finnish:



There's a possibility to extend the retreat by arriving already day before, on July 9 (separate fee). I highly recommend this. You would be rested and ready to start the retreat next day, and the extra day gives you even better possibility to charge your batteries in a proper way.



Bromarv is a cape,"almost an island", located 125km from Helsinki, in the archipelago of southwestern Finland. There's a possibility to organise a transportation from Karjaa railway station to our location. Karjaa is about 1h by train from Helsinki or 1h 20min from the airport. By car from Helsinki, the trip takes about 1h45min.



Please sign up latest by May 22, and to avoid disappointments, please remember that there are only 6-8 places available! The total price of the retreat is 920€, and full board. You can sign up and secure your place by paying 150€ non-refundable registration fee. Please write to Liisa (liisa(at) to ask the details.  If the retreat has to be cancelled by the organiser the reservation fee will be paid fully back. Notice that the retreat will be organised only, if there will be min. 6 participants by May 22.


Price does not include the trips to the retreat place, insurances and possible small trips needing transportation inside of the island during the retreat. Accommodation fee will be paid separately but is calculated here to the total price.




Other Workshops and Courses

Short workshops with special themes can be organised on request even for small groups. 

Tailored to your group in your city or elsewhere. Create your own weekend of well-being with a group of friends. Take a crash course in yoga for beginners, or go deeper into your practice.


Workshops for musicians

Concentrating on the particular needs of musicians and body awarness.

Learning easy but effective stretches and exercises for every day use, especially designed for the use of musicians.  On request.



Liisa's yoga book Yoga Break

Designed to support your home practise especially Yoga for Musicians' courses and after the workshops.


Yoga Break - Easy and effective yoga for every day 


Take this book with you wherever you go to inspire

and remind you to take small yoga breaks during your busy day.


Doesn't matter, if you are new to yoga or have practiced for years, or if you have only five minutes to spend. Easy stretches for busy people, to make the energy run and give yourself a break. With or without a yoga mat.  


Available from Liisa (liisa(at)