Liisa Tamminen

Yoga Teacher and Violist

A native Finn, Liisa currently lives in Switzerland. She grew up as a daughter of an yoga enthusiast mother, practising rhythmic gymnastics, playing viola and piano, loving the nature and having a deep interest in history and philosophy. Liisa started practising yoga while studying viola in the Netherlands, soon realising the great benefits which yoga brought to both her well-being and viola playing. She also noticed, how yoga covered all her interests.


While working as an orchestral musician in the Netherlands, Liisa started her professional yoga studies. She participated in workshops and lessons with several teachers and in different yoga styles all over the world, coming to the conclusion that Iyengar Yoga served her the best.  Anyway, after already teaching many years, she noticed how softer and simpler approach of yoga is sometimes needed and welcome, and nowadays she mainly teaches her own style of yoga, which could be described as Hatha Yoga with Iyengar yoga principles what comes to the alignment and anatomy.


In 2005 Liisa attended in the first International Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich (Yoga Alliance accepted Certificate), and in 2006 continued studying Iyengar Yoga with Senior Teacher Glenn Ceresoli in Australia. Years of intensive study of Iyengar yoga followed, including several Advanced Teacher Training courses in Italy and Switzerland, advanced Level 2 Iyengar Teacher Training in India (with Glenn Ceresoli), and many workshops and courses at advanced level in the UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In 2016 she participated Yoga for Children teacher training, organised by Yoga Beez (with Bryony Duckitt) in Helsinki, Finland.  In total, she has completed over 1000 hours of yoga study. 


Since 2005 Liisa has happily divided her time between yoga teaching and viola playing. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and backrounds, and developed a special "Yoga for Musicians"  to serve her colleagues with the unique knowledge she has acquired from both profession. Liisa currently teaches yoga at the Art Universities of Zürich and Helsinki. Hundreds of musicians around Europe have enjoyed her lessons and workshops during the years. She organises workshops and courses, and gives group and one-to-one lessons in Switzerland, Finland and elsewhere. She is teaching also live streaming lessons and is very enthusiastic about this way of teaching internationally.


As a violist, playing both the modern viola and historical instruments, Liisa currently works as a freelancer in the orchestras and ensembles in Switzerland, Finland and many other European countries. She is also a passionate chamber musician.