Greetings From the Students

Liisa teaches her lessons with a great deal of expertise, creating relaxed yet concentrated atmosphere that makes us forget even the noise from the  near by construction site. With the greatest sensitivity, she guides everyone personally, taking care of their individual restrictions, observing, correcting and offering - whenever necessary - alternatives to the difficult positions separately to everyone. Because a musician herself, she knows from her own experience about the musicians specific physical requirements and problems. The lessons are different every week. Liisa chooses the exercises from her large repertoire, modifies them a bit, already learned exercises are deepened with new knowledge and she introduces them with new challenges. The changes between challenging and strenuous and calming and quiet exercises, and the meditative part in the end of the class, balances and regenerates our whole day. In the long term, I have experienced increased general mobility, concentration and overall well being.


Florian, violist 



Since I began studying yoga with Liisa, my body awarness has changed fundamentally. Thanks to her careful attention I have learnt to use my muscles more efficiently. I am also more flexible and have more strength and stamina when playing the viola. As a viola player herself, she understands the particular needs of musicians, giving targeted and personalised advice to each individual student.

Yoga with Liisa cares for both body and soul. As a result I can concentrate better, stay more centred, and come more quickly to rest; skills which significantly affect my playing. A passionate and commited teacher, musicians are in good hands with Liisa. "


 Stella, violist



It is rare chance to meet a teacher competent both in music and yoga. I have been enjoying the class and experiencing very positive results. I think all the musicians in Liisa's yoga class are especially priviledged and have been learning exceptional yoga skills that help to keep the body in good shape as well as harmonise feelings and soul. I would also like to mark Liisa's kind and open personality and ability to be helpful and understanding for each single student of the class.


Arta, pianist

I am studying classical singing at the ZHdK (Music Academy) in Zürich, Switzerland and started going to Liisa's Yoga for musicians- classes one and a half year ago, here at the university. As a classical singer it is very important for me, to improve the flexibility of my body and to practice how to „let go“. I had a lot of technial problems with the high notes during my singing lessons, because I fixed my voice and „pushed“ too much. With this „letting go“-feeling the yoga class helped me a lot to change my attitude and to get closer to my goals. During these semesters we also had lessons, where we practiced the special pranayama-breathing, which is of course also very helpful as a singer; being able to lengthen my breath helps a lot on the stage. I also like the atmosphere in our classes, I think being silent and calm but concentrated at the same time, and the ability of removing all the unneccessary thoughts are both very useful for all musicians. After three semesters I think my posture, breathing and mental controlling have all got better, so I will definitely continue practicing yoga in the future!


Gregory, singer



I learned to know Liisa in 2007 when attending her yoga course while working in the Orchestra Academy of  Zürich Opera.

The course was so helpful that ever since I have used constantly the exercises and techniques I learned from her. Liisa's exercises work against many typical musicians problems, and help the pain which playing and practising is causing. They also increases the ability to concentrate and lift the inner energy while performing. Because Liisa is herself a viola player, she knows well the typical problems which musicians have.


Anna, pianist



Besides her fantastic yoga skills and knowledge, Liisa is a great teacher and a very kind person. As a violist, she is especially aware of problems we musicians struggle with. She knows which parts of our bodies get especially tense and has wonderful everyday tips and exercises. Her lessons bring true relief physically, but also mentally, balancing the stress we face outside. Besides,

they are great fun,  which made  it my favourite course in ZHdK (Music Academy of Zürich) 


Milena, violinist



To work with Liisa is motivating and compact. Compared to all the other yoga lessons I have attended, there's a clear difference: the lessons are based on the anatomical way of moving, and because Liisa is a musician herself, the way how she teaches the exercises for musicians is clearly different from the "conventional" yoga teachers. Musicians have high demands on themselves, they are often very disciplined and many times and have tendency to try too hard, go over their limit. Liisa understands this and take this in account when teaching. Unfortunately, I have not so nice experiences with the conventional yoga teachers, who didn't understand the different needs of the musicians, both instrumentalists and singers. Because of these reasons, I prefer Liisa's teaching.


Sela, singer



Since 2007 I have been following Liisa's yoga classes designed to focus on the physical problem areas of the musicians. Regular yoga practise has helped me to develop a better body awareness, strengthen the joints and muscles, and I have noticed that the physical problems, which were caused by practising, are alleviated. In addition, the yoga philosophy helps me to deal with stress situations in every day life better. Yoga classes with Liisa are for me an enrichment, as well as relaxation in a life of a professional musician.


Jin, pianist


Namaste. Thank you!
Namaste. Thank you!