Yoga for Musicians

Orchestras, master classes, festivals, conservatoires, private lessons...

Yoga from musician to musician

Based on her own experiences as a professional violist, Liisa has taught Yoga for Musicians since 2005 in conservatoires. art universities and orchestras, in special workshops and privately in Switzerland and abroad. She is a yoga teacher of the Zürich University of the Arts since 2007 and Sibelius Academy / University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland since 2018,  also lecturing about the topic. A musician herself, she knows the challenges of the profession, and has developed a unique way to serve colleagues with her knowledge.


Playing an instrument is very physical work, often in unnatural positions and in less than ideal conditions. Instruments shape your body in a certain way, which in turn affects not only your playing but everyday life, and even your yoga practice. With the help of yoga, it is possible to relieve tension, create strength, correct misalignments and increase the ability to concentrate. For a non-musician, however, it is nearly impossible to understand how hard musicians work, or the way in which they use their bodies, which often necessitates modifications and special attention in yoga classes. Ultimately, it is only through personal experience that it is possible to know how it feels after playing six-hour Wagner opera in the pit. Liisa teaches what she has found personally to work best for musicians. Not only instrumentalists, but also singers have founded Liisa's classes helpful. You can read impressions from Liisa's Yoga for Musicians -classes under the headline "From the Students".



What is there to learn?

In the lessons we will

- search for balance; in your body, mind and energy, as well as between them.

- learn to stretch in an effective way, concentrating on parts of the body commonly put under strain in the music profession.

- learn how to practise yoga in a way which corrects and prevents misalignments.

- create more power and endurance, whilst taking care of the joints often overused in playing an instrument.

- study concentration and conscious breathing.


 In the long term you will also

- get to know yourself, your body and your habits better, how you move and react

- learn how to help yourself when you feel tension building up, or when you start to feel pain; have an understanding of where it could come from and why it might occur.

- increase the ability to concentrate on demand

- learn to lift up or calm your energy 

- have more energy and more balance in life in general


- find that yoga is great for people who travel. When you know how, you can practise almost anywhere: on tour, in hotel rooms, backstage, on long distance flights...  


Classes are not limited to musicians only, even though the programme is designed with them in mind. Everyone can benefit from these lessons, and students from any profession and backround are welcome.