Liisa Tamminen is a certified yoga teacher based in Zürich, Switzerland and in Helsinki, Finland, with over 1000 hours of yoga training in Iyengar- and Hatha Yoga styles. She has extensive international teaching experience since 2005. Also a professional violist, Liisa has a special interest teaching Yoga for Musicians, a practice which she developed during many years to serve both her colleagues and her own life as a musician.


Lumoyoga, Liisa's own style of teaching,  focuses on body awareness and correct alignment, re-educating the body for better posture and balance. Poses are held long to increase strength and flexibility, and to learn how to quieten mind when under stress. Each movement is synchronised with the breath. In more advanced classes, breathing practices (Pranayama) and meditation are taught. By using equipment such as foam blocks, belts and blankets everyone can safely benefit from the practice, even if you are not (yet!) flexible, or have an injury.


Lumo means enchantment in Finnish, Liisa's native language. With its ancient wisdom and beauty, yoga offers us a fascinating and enchanting way to look inside and get to know ourselves, creating balance in all areas of our lives. Free from competition, it offers us tremendous relief from today's hectic lifestyle. Yoga is a never-ending journey, on which we learn that the way itself is worth exploring.